Creating Emotional Attraction - Alex Altman

Creating Emotional Attraction

By Alex Altman

  • Release Date: 2015-09-13
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 128 Ratings


Learn Secrets About Creating A Connection That Sparks A Deep Emotional Bond That Most Women Will Never Know

Most women are very surprised to hear the truth about why men are afraid to commit, why they lose interest slowly and why men secretly pull away.

It's time to learn the secrets about attract and why men didn't want you. In Creating Emotional Attraction, that's exactly what you'll get:

Do You Want To Discover How Attraction Really Works For A Man?

• Understanding How To Attract Men
• Where To Begin?
• How Attraction Works For A Man & What’s Going On Inside His Mind
• What Do Men Really Want?
• Getting His True Personality To Come Out
• The Real Reason Why Men Become Distant
• Keeping Him Interested, Guessing & Wanting More

How About Learn The Irreversible Mistakes You Might Be Making That Make Him Lose Interest Quickly?

• Why Your Thoughts Are Driving Men Away
• Eliminate Your Negative Beliefs Quickly & Change Your Life Permenently
• How Women Communicate Their Beliefs That Scare Men Away
• The Ways Women Sabotage A Man’s Attraction For Them
• Why Fear Is Preventing You From Meeting A Good Guy

Intrigued? How About Becoming More Attractive To The Type Of Man You Want?

• Getting A Guy Addicted To You Forever
• The 6 Keys To Building Lasting Emotional Attraction
• Applying These Steps Successfully
• Using Attraction To Intensify Your Connection
• Making This System Work For You
• Living In The Moment & Become Magnetically Attractive

Would You Like To Inspire A Deep Connection In A Men Getting Him To Fall & Stay In Love?

• Becoming An Irresistible Women He Can’t Live Without
• The Communication Mistake Many Women Make
• How To “Let Go” So He Knows You’re Perfect For Him
• How To Trust Your Intuition To Spot & Identify A Good Man
• Where To Meet Men & Keep Them Interested In You
• Learn The Truth About Men, Are Men Really Dumb?
• The 1 Quality That Seperates A*Holes From “Mr. Right”
• The 5 Qualities That Makes A Woman Attractive To Men

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P.S. Make it so a man can't help but feel a deep emotional bond with you.


  • Thumbs up

    By pdxatlstudent
    Good information - poor grammar.
  • Great read

    By drrndunn
    Not bad at all
  • Live in the moment!

    By Evie Michelle
    As we go through life, we look for various points of direction. Either through people, books or some other source we run into. All of that gives you an essence of what direction you need to stay looking towards or maybe what you have been doing wrong. You need to evaluate what has been leading you in the wrong direction. It’s books like these that remind you of what you need to stay focused on and what love you’ve lost for yourself...
  • Couldn’t get past the grammatical errors

    By Kabukster
    Just way too difficult to read. It wouldn’t pass as an English assignment at the high school level. Possibly even middle school.
  • Great book, worth the buy!

    By Book Fanatic 🥰
    Just finished reading this book. It’s very well written, easy to understand and keep up with. I haven’t applied it to my life yet so I’m not sure if it works, but all of it makes sense and it helps you create goals and learn how to stick to them. Truly believe I am a better person for reading it.
  • It was okay

    By Miranda614
    There were grammatical errors as well as strange sentence formations. I had to decipher a couple times for the main point. The titles of the chapter seemed to not match the content. A little repetitive, sometimes I thought I was re reading a page, but no it was a new one. Besides all of that, it was an encouraging book.
  • Helpful, but needs to be proofread

    By ms227
    Really helpful with lots of interesting information. However, an insane amount of grammatical errors.
  • I really liked it!

    By sleepless n seattle
    Great quick read with helpful and realistic tips which apply not only to dating but life in general. The one negative was the grammatical errors.

    By Bryanjsan
    I can say that I loved this book, every minute of it. I didnt realize there we’re more, so now im reading the first one to then revise this one once again and then purchase the rest of the books. I can say that this really has helped me in my life. Gave me a broader idea as too how life really is and why people act and do the things they do. It’s just over all amazing. I loved that you incorporated Meditation as a means to find yourself because meditation really is key, believe it or not. Cant wait to read more from you, Honestly i was left Speechless. GREAT WORK.
  • Creating Emotional Attraction

    By Tivias8
    Easy read... Spot on techniques!