Dark Harbor - Christy Barritt

Dark Harbor

By Christy Barritt

  • Release Date: 2016-06-01
  • Genre: Religious



Someone wants reporter Madelyn Sawyer to leave the small coastal town she's just arrived in—even if it takes hurting her. But she won't give up her goal of investigating Waterman's Reach's new police chief that easily. Madelyn assumes that former big-city detective Zach Davis—who some believe is a murderer involved in a drug-trafficking ring—is behind the threat. Who else would have a motive? But as bullets fly Madelyn's way, it's Zach who keeps saving her life. The closer she gets to the truth, the more she wants to tell the handsome lawman why she's really in town. But if she does, will she lose his trust…and any hope of surviving long enough to bring the real killer to light?


  • Kept me guessing

    By Friz4
    I've read several books by Christy Barritt, but I believe this is the first one I've read that is published through Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense line. Don't let the Harlequin part throw you-this is a clean book. There is a romance through all of the mystery and suspense, but it's very chaste, and the language is also clean. The back cover also makes it clear that this is an inspirational romance. The spiritual aspects aren't overwhelming, but they do play an important role for the main characters as they deal with threats throughout the novel. I really liked the cover of this book. The small size makes it a little hard to hold, but it's the perfect size to fit in your bag when you want a book to take with you on outings. I enjoyed that I was kept guessing for most of the book about who the bad guy was. When it all came out near the end, I felt the explanations were a little more freely given than expected from criminals who had been working for years in a drug trade, but I did appreciate the closure given to the issues in the book. There were quite a few different pieces introduced through the story, and even if it was brief, they were addressed in the epilogue so the reader wasn't left hanging. I also enjoyed the romance aspect of the story. It definitely wasn't smooth since Madelyn was fighting her growing attraction for Zach while trying to come to grips with the idea that he was the only person with motive for the threats against her. I wanted to her come out and talk to him, but it made complete sense that she wouldn't when she was unsure if he was guilty or not. This was the type of book I could put down and come back to (as opposed to ignoring everything around me in order to get to the end), but I was interested in finding out who was behind the threats. 3.5 Stars *I was given a copy in exchange for a review.