Winter Blues Journey - Robert Béla Wilhelm

Winter Blues Journey

By Robert Béla Wilhelm

  • Release Date: 2015-12-20
  • Genre: Social Science


It may not be possible to live happily with the Winter Blues.  But it is indeed possible to be both SAD and joyous.  Brief bouts with the Winter Blues, or long struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder, are never happy times.  But they can be tender, insightful, and deeply enriching times of discovery, creativity, and especially “Joy.”
There are two ways of understanding SAD: our winter blues are a burden -- a “Bane”, or they ware a gift -- a “Boon”.  These two Old English words complement each other.  A mere shift in the vowel sound and we move from hope to despair... or despair to hope.
This book is my journey with you through the seasons of the year.  It is a kind of a guide book, exploring Winter Blues in many different ways.  The book won’t cure you; that is, it won’t make you happy.  But it will be a balm for your body and an elixir for your soul.
Come journey with me.