A Message for Our Times - William Doyle

A Message for Our Times

By William Doyle

  • Release Date: 2013-12-18
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


In this message, the author draws on his life-long ministerial experience to convey the realities of where we are on our journey through this life to where it is we are going. The book reflects the treasure of shared knowledge and reveals what the author terms the unconscious unreality, which draws people away from the conscious realities that would otherwise enrich their lives. It is directed to all Gods people, both Christians and non-Christians. These spiritual messages come at a time when the world is set on a course that is causing much consternation and answers many perplexing problems facing individuals. The author takes church leaders to task for allowing much of what is changing the face of a civil society. This book is not for idle curiosity. Each chapter is at times sad, at times joyful, and at times soul-searching. There is strong emphasis on the lure of easy borrowing and sensationalism, one of the plagues of modern times that mask the face of lasting values, diminishing the hunger for the spiritual life, and depleting the soul of contentment. This book offers a clear and unshakeable understanding of the truth of God and clarifies scriptural text about the end timesit speaks about you.