The Queens of Dragon Town - Norm Schriever

The Queens of Dragon Town

By Norm Schriever

  • Release Date: 2016-02-08
  • Genre: Specialty Travel


In 2013, American Norm Schriever is traveling in Southeast Asia when Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes – the largest recorded storm ever to make landfall. Stranded on a remote island, Schriever is unable to evacuate and has to endure the storm.

In the storm’s aftermath, he finds himself cut off from his bank account, without his passport, and unable to leave the island. Luckily, Schriever is taken in by the most improbable of islanders, in a place called Dragon Town – where good people often have to do bad things just to survive.

Combining everything he saw and experienced in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines, this is the true story of a simple island girl, sent to the city in the wake of the typhoon to find the only work she can get at a bar, making the ultimate sacrifice to honor her elderly mother.

This visceral exposé bares its fangs at the dynamics of wealth, power, and the dangers of unchecked greed so prevalent in Asia – and throughout the world – and the hopelessness of poverty that is the hardest of all to overcome.