Dreams of Chaos - Allen Stroud

Dreams of Chaos

By Allen Stroud

  • Release Date: 2016-06-11
  • Genre: Historical


It is the 14th century. Since time began, wizards have walked amongst us. They wield magic and live across the centuries, seeking to transcend mortality by acquiring our faith and devotion. Their manipulations lie at the heart of our religions, they promise heaven so that they might become eternal gods and rule over us forever.

-Twin girls, Galina and Katya, flee their Bogomil village for a new life in Vidin. Little do they know, the fate of the world rests of their shoulders.
-In Avignon, France, Piers Gaveston has been exiled from England and seeks the support of the Knights Templar to restore him to King Edward II’s side. The price he must pay for their aid is revealed in a blasphemous ritual, where they seek to converse with the Christian God.
-In Japan, Hino Suketomo is betrayed and imprisoned by the Emperor’s enemies. He escapes, but the cost is to abandon his old life and learn the true mysteries of the coming apocalypse.

Dreams of Chaos, book one of the Death of Gods trilogy, is an epic fantasy story of alternative history that tells how the world was broken and made anew. It is the official fiction of the computer game Chaos Reborn by Snapshot Games.