Bound to His Fate - Lisa Kumar

Bound to His Fate

By Lisa Kumar

  • Release Date: 2016-10-30
  • Genre: Paranormal


A king whose realm is moving…

Talion, King of the Erians, has sacrificed much for his people in both his personal and public life. Now he's being asked to turn his back on Earth and forge a new beginning for his people in another dimension.

A maidservant whose world is changing…

Arianne thought her life couldn't change any more than it had when she bound her life to that of Calathion's, a handsome elvin guard. But whispers of the elves' possible removal to a new world unsettle her stable existence in the king's household. Now she's faced with a decision to follow her bond mate to a new land—and give up all she's ever known.

What could a human maidservant possibly have in common with an elvin king?

When the time comes, these two very different people will have to decide if they can leave a land that's given them so much. Will love guide them to where they're supposed to be, or will they ignore its call? 

This is a Mists of Eria prequel...the story that started it all.