Way of the Wolf - Jordan Belfort

Way of the Wolf

By Jordan Belfort

  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance
Score: 4.5
From 213 Ratings


Jordan Belfort—immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street—reveals the step-by-step sales and persuasion system proven to turn anyone into a sales-closing, money-earning rock star.

For the first time ever, Jordan Belfort opens his playbook and gives you access to his exclusive step-by-step system—the same system he used to create massive wealth for himself, his clients, and his sales teams. Until now this revolutionary program was only available through Jordan’s $1,997 online training. Now, in Way of the Wolf, Belfort is ready to unleash the power of persuasion to a whole new generation, revealing how anyone can bounce back from devastating setbacks, master the art of persuasion, and build wealth. Every technique, every strategy, and every tip has been tested and proven to work in real-life situations.

Written in his own inimitable voice, Way of the Wolf cracks the code on how to persuade anyone to do anything, and coaches readers—regardless of age, education, or skill level—to be a master sales person, negotiator, closer, entrepreneur, or speaker.



    By Trevor Grimes
    Easy to read, understand, and put together! I recommend this for anyone, not just salespeople!
  • Way of the Wolf - Outstanding

    By Boss of Yabbies
    This book is no bull. This is a great presentation style with not a lot of fluff. I have the audiobook and book and have designed my sales style around it. It makes sense for clients as well and doesn’t waste their time either. He’s a New York guy, don’t hold that against him. A+++
  • Amazing

    By Jrscott45
    I’m only 20% through with the book and by far has been one of the most enjoyable books on sells I’ve read. More info and motivation in this book than 2 grant Cardone books(sorry grant still love ya) it’s just amazing I feel like Jordan Belfort is personally speaking to me like I’m in a movie lol great book none the less!
  • The Narrative Problem

    By Tichito
    Jordan Belford was a gifted salesperson. However, I believe this so-called method is a narrative created after the fact and has little to do with the reality of Jordan’s success. In other words, a well-researched sales method was sold to us using the Jordan Belford name.
  • 10-10

    By Pumagolf23
    Just what I was looking for. To the point. Congrats!
  • Word Girl in Butcher Battle

    By CaroinLove
    Storybooks Adventure Games Video Comic Book Rates Star Tap
  • What a hustle!!!

    By Streetfamous77
    “The same system he used to make his clients money?” You are joking right? If his clients you mean his “ratholes” then yes, he made tons of money for them, which made its way back to his pockets. I actually like Jordan, he is a great sales guy and master closer but let’s call a spade a spade. He hustled and scammed hundreds of millions of dollars from people and served about 2 years in a country club federal prison. But that’s just the way of the world. If you’re not stealing,hustling,robbing and conning people out of there money,it’s happening to you. Not a bad deal because everyone knows that he had money stored away somewhere for this very scenario. He knew it was coming for a long time. I actually just finished “Wolf of Wall Street “ and it was a great book. I also read “Catching The Wolf of Wall Street “ which was also good. Last I heard Jordan was running some scam in Australia,something to do with farming and ripping off the government. A leopard doesn’t change its spots and Jordan isn’t any different. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t own it and is trying to con everyone by saying what a changed man he is? I guess it’s just his nature and that will never change.
  • 5 Stars Don't Do It Justice

    By Infotainer
    This book deserves 10 stars! As soon as it downloaded at midnight, I read the book from start to finish in 8 hours and 32 minutes. I couldn't sleep at all! In this book, Jordan Belfort goes through his entire system! And when I say entire, he really goes in detail into every tip, trick, and nuance into the Straight Line Persuasion system! This is the stuff he taught to all his young stockbrokers at Stratton Oakmont, but without the bad ethics. This book is a must for any inspiring entrepreneur, salesperson, and businessperson. Throw all those garbage systems you've bought in the trash and pay only attention and learn this one. It works and produces results beyond compare!
  • So excited!

    I’m giving this a 5 star review because it will be a best seller. I’m hoping to take many aspects of this book to help training future sales people and business leaders!