Secrets of the Heart: A Christian Suspense Romance Novel - Kelsey MacBride

Secrets of the Heart: A Christian Suspense Romance Novel

By Kelsey MacBride

  • Release Date: 2016-12-02
  • Genre: Religious
Score: 4
From 391 Ratings


Secrets of the Heart is the first of 3 Christian Suspense Romance books introducing you to the Crystal Cove Story.

It begins with the story of nurse Heather Parks and her new assignment to care for the daughter of Michael Robbins, a wealthy widowed bachelor. Her job is to supervise Crystal Robbins chemotherapy at home. Over time Heather finds herself falling for Michael, but her horrible childhood memories overshadow any romantic feelings she has developed towards him. Heather tries to keep her distance from Michael, but the more they interact, the harder it is for her to resist him.  This story highlights Heather’s journey of healing from the past, her hopes, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to help her grow.

Michael Robbins is a wealthy resident living in the exclusive community of Crystal Cove. He still mourns the loss of his late wife Carla who died at the hands of terrorists several years back. Even though he has given up hope on finding someone to replace Carla, he succumbs to the peer pressure of his friends and gets engaged to a flashy high society woman named Cynthia Wilson. But when he gets to know Heather, his heart is drawn to her and soon he finds himself falling in love with the nurse. The only problem is Heather seems reluctant to let him into her heart. Can Michael soften Heather’s heart and show her that true love can be wonderful? Or will he fail and lose love a second time?


  • Story Line

    By MSJ1998
    Great story line. Ends too soon and I can’t find the 2nd part. Shadows in the night.
  • Like a Hallmark Movie

    By jdjdhdhdhsh
    I hate that I actually had to buy the second and third book in this series.. It kept me wanting to read them, only because I had to find what was the heck was going to happen??! It bugged me. This should have been one long book in my opinion. Heathers character seemed to go from an independent, smart, young woman who knows what she wants only to become a woman who was unsure of herself and decided not to go to Paris,for the opportunity of a lifetime. Only to stay with a narcissistic ass of a man! I felt sorry for what happened to him, but still. Maybe this humbled him?? Michael was so controlling & manipulative. He was better off with Cynthia. I felt bad for the little girl to have been a part of this. Heather crossed over way too many boundaries as a professional Nurse in the Home Care field. It bothered me so much as someone who is in the medical field myself. Heather just should have went to Paris and Then retuned back to Crystal Cove if she wanted to. The house she inherited could have waited a year or so. These books were an easy short read, but left terrible cliffhangers, so I had to buy the second & third book to get to the very end. It wasn’t that much a suspenseful novel as it said it was. Overall I did like how it was able to pull me in, but it was cheesy writing and the characters choices just made me mad..
  • Ok title

    By 1AnnieB
    Very inconsistent writing. One example: One character is referred to as Miss and a paragraph later as Mrs. It’s as if there was no editing. I made it to 27% read before deleting the download. Glad I only paid $2.99.
  • Secrets of the Heart

    By Booloodoo
    This book was under the FREE titles, but it ended suddenly with an invite to buy it in order to finish the book. Pretty sleezie and untruthful. Not happy.