Captain Justo from the Planet Is - Stephen Miller

Captain Justo from the Planet Is

By Stephen Miller

  • Release Date: 2016-12-07
  • Genre: Adventure


For nine generations the Justo family has traveled outside of time by opening portals into eternity. Flying in an eternal river of fire is fast and exciting, but it's also dangerous: you have to be a good person or the voyage kills you! Are you ready to step outside of time and enter the realm of eternity? Danger, life or death consequences - straight ahead!
When Marion Justo inherits his family's most prized possession, the starship Isian, he is attacked by pirates, forcing him to open an uncharted portal through eternity to escape. With a badly damaged ship, and lost in a strange universe, the young captain crash lands on Earth with only a dim hope of survival.
Pirates, starship battles, angels, robots, and holographic humanoids. . . bullies, junior high principals, golden boots. . . the IRS, FBI and CIA and come together in a remarkable story of bravery, integrity and love, creating a reading adventure that will move your heart and stay with you forever!