Win Bigly - Scott Adams

Win Bigly

By Scott Adams

  • Release Date: 2017-10-31
  • Genre: Psychology
Score: 4.5
From 96 Ratings



The New York Times bestseller that explains one of the most important perceptual shifts in the history of humankind

Scott Adams was one of the earliest public figures to predict Donald Trump’s election. The mainstream media regarded Trump as a lucky clown, but Adams – best known as “the guy who created Dilbert” -- recognized a level of persuasion you only see once in a generation. We’re hardwired to respond to emotion, not reason, and Trump knew exactly which emotional buttons to push.
The point isn’t whether Trump was right or wrong, good or bad. Adams goes beyond politics to look at persuasion tools that can work in any setting—the same ones Adams saw in Steve Jobs when he invested in Apple decades ago. Win Bigly is a field guide for persuading others in any situation—or resisting the tactics of emotional persuasion when they’re used on you. 
This revised edition features a bonus chapter that assesses just how well Adams foresaw the outcomes of Trump’s tactics with North Korea, the NFL protesters, Congress, and more.


  • Read this book. Become smarter.

    By the world family
    Books are plentiful. USEFUL books are rare. This is a unique, fun, and useful book!
  • Good read.

    By racerhomie
    His perspective is quite unique. I believe it to be true. Good work Scott.
  • Wasted time...

    By ajdavis413
    Wasted money.
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    By Davidson A.D.
    Awesome book with great insights of what Trump was really doing.
  • Truly wonderful book.

    By Wheezr
    You might want to read this book because I enjoyed it. The most useful thing I think somebody could read, period.
  • Persuasion Perfection

    By Lol_shay
    You should read this book because it is incredible. It explains the power of persuasion in an easy to understand story. Perfect from start to finish. I followed Scott through the election and because of him I have become a better person. I have lost weight, I control my emotions better and I even make more money because of Scott. You could say the concepts of this book have helped me Win Bigly.
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