Saying Goodbye to the First Man I Ever Loved.. - Kathryn Chitwood

Saying Goodbye to the First Man I Ever Loved..

By Kathryn Chitwood

  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Genre: Parenting


After being raised by an army of strong, independent, successful, man-hating-women; while simultaneously hanging on my father's every word, I am finally beginning to see my worth. I have always hated the term "Daddy Issues." I tell myself that my upbringing, and my partner. would never allow for the stereotypical, insecure tendencies of a female that has grown up with an unhealthy paternal figure. This excerpt is an unadulterated view into the mind of a young woman who's been dealt the hand of a narcissistic, emotionally absent father.. and the refusal to simply "accept him for what he is," because little girls and grown women deserve more from the men who are supposed to love them the most.