Mastering Minimalism: Eight Steps To A Life Of Less Stuff And More Freedom - Emily Josephine

Mastering Minimalism: Eight Steps To A Life Of Less Stuff And More Freedom

By Emily Josephine

  • Release Date: 2017-04-09
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Home
Score: 4
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The journey toward Minimalism can be tricky. This book will help make the journey of learning how to be a minimalist much less difficult – even enjoyable – for you.

Wannabe minimalists often have not only hundreds, if not thousands, of material goods to declutter, but also a plethora of mainstream mindsets that make navigating their way toward voluntary simplicity a rough and rocky path. I wrote this book to ease that navigation process for newbies. I also wrote it to help intermediate Minimalists who want to dive deeper into the journey, to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. The steps and tips are those that my husband and I used to begin the journey toward Minimalism, and the ones we continue to use to remain on the path.

The book begins by briefly addressing what Minimalism truly is (as opposed to what religious minimalist gurus have made many people think it is). It continues by explaining the benefits of becoming a minimalist.

The rest of the book, the bulk of it, describes the steps you need to take in order to master Minimalism; that is, to overcome the insidious materialistic mindset of the modern age and to integrate the philosophy into your soul so completely that it becomes as easy as breathing.

The first step toward simple living is one you likely won’t hear about in any other book on the subject. Then, you will be asked to consider two major paradigm shifts that will completely change the way you look at material goods. The remaining steps are more practical and hands-on, enabling you to take instant action on your desire to join the minimalist movement.

If you are looking at becoming a minimalist, or you have already begun moving toward it but need some encouragement to “fight the good fight,” read this book. It will help.


  • Mastering Minimalism

    By M.Kimiko
    This book made a lot of sense to me and held my attention to the very end in one reading. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to declutter mess to stress less.
  • Mastering Minimalism

    By Casey kitty cat
    This is a great book on how to downsize! Its funny in places too!
  • Simple for simplicity

    By setu85
    It is a good guideline to start. The author keeps it simple and short.
  • Excellent Quick Read

    By 2415jsh
    Short and to the Point
  • Enjoyable and super positive

    By themiccciii
    Thank you!!!
  • A logical starting point

    By ZeroSW
    I felt this book contained very good basic information on the topic that is good for someone wanting a starting point. It’s a short read but I personally found it engaging enough to want to keep reading and I’m glad I did. It’s a book I could recommend any interested in trying minimalism

    By JordanLathery
    Love love love!! Decluttering my house as we speak 🥰
  • Easy read

    By Halbert27
    Direct and to the point.
  • Racist, Sexist, and full of typos...

    By BrettTaylorYT
    I thought I would be learning about minimalism, but instead it was a short step by step guide that can be found anywhere littered with racism, sexism and misogynistic viewpoints throughout... It’s clear this author believes a woman’s place is to be doing the cleaning, and be a shopaholic, while then men hide away in their “man cave” and only come out to mow the lawn. There’s no need for this author to specify that the people who pick up their unwanted stuff in the alley were Mexican because “[she’s] from Texas” because Mexicans don’t live anywhere else. There’s no need to even talk about their race! This author is nothing more than a “quirky” bigoted white women. If you want to learn about minimalism, this is NOT the book for you...
  • Five stars

    By MommaBear20112013
    Thank you for the laughs and some really encouraging words. I enjoyed reading this book and I definitely will be taking the advice!