So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 1 (light novel) - Okina Baba & Tsukasa Kiryu

So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 1 (light novel)

By Okina Baba & Tsukasa Kiryu

  • Release Date: 2017-11-21
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 223 Ratings


I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I've never seen before and-and I was reborn as a spider?! How could something that's nothing more than a tiny spider (that's me) possibly survive in literally the worst dungeon ever? Are there no rules? There should be some rules! Who the hell is responsible for this? SHOW YOUR FACE!


  • Good Book

    By True Green Puma
    Me read a good book! Me likey!
  • Good book

    By pikachu123321
    I actually have a fear of spiders but this isekai focuses on a character that is weak at first and gets stronger as they survive. Hardly any isekais have the mc start at the bottom of the ladder. I do hope the mc gains the telepathy skill so she can talk to her classmates when she goes above ground.
  • Doesn't look right

    By inugamiyan
    In comparison to the original Japanese version, pages aren't in the correct order.. I'm reading a mess
  • I love this story.

    By Jmgyellow
    This story is really fun. It has a lot of character and charm and anyone who wants an actual GOOD isekai for once. Following the journey of our favorite spider, you will laugh, get anxiety, and laugh some more. So far this has just been a fully pleasant experience cover to cover. I wish the story didn’t reveal certain things in the order it did, but that’s nitpicking. If you want to read the story in an order that leaves you in the dark (you know as much as the protagonist does) then read the manga version first, and come read this second. Personally, the combination of the two is the best way to get the story. I love this author, and hope the anime adaptation goes well.