My Inventions - Nikola Tesla

My Inventions

By Nikola Tesla

  • Release Date: 2017-06-07
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


My Inventions is the autobiography of the innovative scientist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.
Through his experiments and ambition, Tesla managed to achieve stunning advancements in the field of electrical current. His most notable achievement, which revolutionised the manner in which electricity is distributed, was his alternating current motor. Commonly revered as being ahead of his time, Tesla conceived the idea of wireless communication and would spend years researching the concept at his lab, Wardenclyffe Tower. 
This autobiography was released partially to please the public, who considered Tesla an unusual genius and were curious about his endeavours. Additionally at the time of its publication in 1919, Tesla had fallen into considerable debt, and the decision was taken to combine past magazine articles with original reflections to create a book which would raise funds. 
In keeping with Tesla's reputation as a driven scientist, much of the autobiography is more about the intellectual advancements which Tesla was responsible for. This biography was published by a mature Tesla, and detail many of his greatest contributions to electrical and communications technology.