EKG's in a Nutshell - A. Robert Sheppard, M.D. & Richard A. Giovane, M.D.

EKG's in a Nutshell

By A. Robert Sheppard, M.D. & Richard A. Giovane, M.D.

  • Release Date: 2017-06-26
  • Genre: Medical


Bound within those squiggly lines and pink hue paper, an EKG gives us a window to look at the electric pattern of someone's heart. "Prolonged PR intervals, ST elevations and peaked T waves" are all phrases that can strike fear in a medical student or newly minted intern as EKGs can be a topic of great confusion. Written by Dr. Sheppard and Dr. Giovane, EKGs in a Nutshell provides a simple, "no fluff" pocket guide that uses concepts to explain to the reader the basics of EKGs, followed by understanding cardiac pathologies that are bound to be seen in practice. Written in a prose that is easy to follow, this pocket guide is unique in that it stresses understanding EKG concepts rather than mere pattern recognition and through this, the reader will gain confidence in understanding EKGs.