Ashes - Val St. Crowe


By Val St. Crowe

  • Release Date: 2017-07-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 5 Ratings


Clarke Gannon can longer deny her feelings for dragon-shifter Naelen Spencer. Unfortunately, her feelings for gargoyle Logan Gray haven’t gone away. A harrowing four months held captive by the psychotic vampire Ronan Cunningham has left the three bonded by their shared trauma and a thirst for vengeance against the vampire. Clarke can’t choose between Naelen or Logan, and the three are inextricably tangled together.

Cunningham now has seven of nine very powerful magical objects. He can’t get the other two or he’ll be unstoppable. So, together, Clarke and her guys go looking for one of the remaining objects in an old southern mansion complete with gargoyle servants who turn to stone on turrets and eerie noises that come from the attic.

They aren’t there long before they’re face-to-face with danger. The Brotherhood rides in on motorcycles with guns. Rogue dragons swoop in through windows. And they hear that a reprobate mage is lurking outside, eager for some vengeance of his own.