The Mystery That Is Mars - Rob Shelsky

The Mystery That Is Mars

By Rob Shelsky

  • Release Date: 2017-10-12
  • Genre: Spirituality


Mars--a planet of endless mystery and wonder! Humanity for centuries has had a strange fascination for the enigma that is Earth's sister world. Author Rob Shelsky takes us to the red planet and tries to uncover the truth about the paradox that is Mars. He offers answers to such basic questions as:

How did Mars come to be?
Are there ruins on Mars?
Are Ancient Alien theorists right about Mars?
How might the Anunnaki be involved with the red planet?
Did another civilization once occupy our neighboring world?
Was Earth, as some scientists theorize, populated by life from Mars?
Is there ancient evidence of a terrible war or catastrophe on the planet?
Are aliens still occupying Mars?
Are humans really from Earth?
Did Mars once have a different orbit and if so, why?
Is the moon, Phobos hollow as some mainstream scientists would have us believe?
Phobos, in reality, is it some sort of extraterrestrial spaceship?
Is there one or more advanced alien species still alive on Mars?
Do we need to fear our neighboring planet and what secrets it may yet hold?
Are there secret human bases on Mars
Is there a secret space fleet?

The author also delves into a number of the main conspiracy theories surrounding Mars. He gives the facts supporting each one, as well as the problems they have. If you want a book that tells what we know about Mars now, as well as what we think we might know, this book is for you! The author is at pains to give the facts, state his opinion, but always leaves it to the reader finally to decide for him or herself. Did Mars once have life, even intelligent life? Does it now? Do we need to fear the idea of Martians or aliens? Rob Shelsky does his best to answer these questions and some of those answers just might surprise you! What's more, they may even alarm you!