Give Me The Ball - Dan Blewett

Give Me The Ball

By Dan Blewett

  • Release Date: 2017-12-04
  • Genre: Coaching


No one dreams of being a middle-reliever, and no one dreams of pitching the fifth inning of a 7-2 game.

Rather, you play baseball to be the guy your team turns to, like a superhero, when the game is on the line.

Give Me The Ball provides a blueprint of how to get there. Pitchers and coaches will learn what it takes to become the Ace of the staff, the guy everyone turns to in a jam.

What you need to realize is this: The mental side of pitching is EVERYTHING.

Whether you throw 62 or 92 miles per hour, your goal on the mound is to maximize what you've got right now.

Give Me The Ball covers the mental aspects of pitching that separate the big-game pitcher who puts his team on his back, from everyone else. It's not enough to throw hard, or have a nasty slider. You need to have pitching savvy, situational knowledge, intense focus, competitiveness and impeccable practice habits to make it to the top.

In this book, you'll learn:

1. How pro pitchers hold runners: prevent cheap runs by keeping runners on first base.
2. How to pitch to the situation: Learn how to get out of jams and hold the lead.
3. How to remain calm under pressure, so you can execute the pitch you need when the game is on the line.
4. How to call a smart game, so you get more outs in fewer pitches.
5. How to practice and build a routine that helps you get more out of your practice and throwing drills.

Everything I'll teach you is simple, but often overlooked even by pro pitchers. To make it from varsity to college baseball, or college baseball to pro ball, you need to prepare and take the mound with a calm, aggressive focus that is backed with knowledge, experience and professionalism.

I was once a walk-on at a small Division-I University, and I was one of the last pitchers on the depth chart. I HATED being one of the guys my coaches and teammates didn't trust.

I worked hard and improved physically and mentally. I ended up not only becoming the #1 pitcher by my Junior year in college, but I also extended my career well beyond college, playing six seasons of professional baseball, earning two All-Star selections before retiring at age 31.

I was once the last guy, and grew up into the #1 guy. I can show you how to do the same.

- Dan Blewett