Neuroscience: 110 Most Important Conceptions - Volodymyr Mavrych

Neuroscience: 110 Most Important Conceptions

By Volodymyr Mavrych

  • Release Date: 2017-04-17
  • Genre: Neuroscience


The new edition of the popular Neuroscience review “100 Most Important Conceptions” was completely redesigned. The new conceptions were added and combined into chapters to provide a logic sequence for the explanation. Review questions after each chapter will help you to master the material. 

The book was designed to provide a useful, concise and simple review of Neuroscience course for medical universities.

Recognizing that our students are faced with the task of learning an ever-increasing number of conceptions in an ever-decreasing period of time, we try to make the text as short as possible and provide simple illustrations.

You can use this book like a guide during your preparing for Neuroscience  exams. It does not cover entire material of the course, but many medical students have found it extremely useful.