Wrapped in Love - Lexi Ryan

Wrapped in Love

By Lexi Ryan

  • Release Date: 2018-12-04
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 954 Ratings


A one-night stand with the boss was never in her plans. Neither was falling in love . . .

The rumors are true. I’m a hot mess with an awful track record at love. Single mom. Down on her luck. Yeah, I’m bad news.

If the hardest part of moving back home to Jackson Harbor was going to be people talking, I’d be fine. I’ve kept my chin up through worse than their decade-old gossip.

I was wrong. The hardest part is resisting my boss. Brayden Jackson is the very picture of tall, dark, and handsome. And thanks to an ill-advised one-night stand we had seven months ago, I know exactly what I’m missing when I turn him down. Every. Single. Delicious. Inch.

But I have my son to care for and my job to keep, so I’ll keep on saying no.

Until my string of bad luck continues, and suddenly my precious four-year-old and I find ourselves with nowhere to live. At Christmas, no less. It’s for my son that I accept Brayden’s offer to stay at his place. One by one, my defenses are falling, as fast as I am. If Brayden was smart, he’d run, because it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he deserves better than what a girl like me can offer.

Unless, for once, my bad luck is leading me exactly where I need to be. 

Wrapped in Love is a sexy Christmas romance and the fourth standalone book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series. All books in this series can be read as standalones.


  • That ending though...

    By Krazyspiral
    Good story, amazing ending. I got all giddy and misty eyed.
  • Incredible

    By Plexusmama
    Unconditional love story fantastic!
  • Must read

    By 429DeeRae
    I have enjoyed this entire series!!! These books wrap you up and take you inside the Jackson family. Each sibling over coming their own battles in love to find their happily ever after. It’s not as easy as movies make it out to be. People have baggage that sometimes they carry for a long time until they meet the right person to tear down the walls and let someone in. Brayden is a character that to me is a pillar for his family. Stepping in when his father passed, taking over the business, keeping the family home, working long hours to make sure it’s successful, and never asking for anything in return. Brayden wasn’t looking for anything until he met Molly and didn’t realize he needed her just as much as she needed him. Molly opens the mind to see how society always calls the girl bad names when the guys are idolized. Unfortunately the underlying reason for a lot of girls are trying to find love for feel excepted or in Molly’s case erase a memory. Your heart goes out to her and the injustice she faces and even after years of building a life for herself. I wish that in the book Molly the would have found the courage with the Jackson family to be a advocate or hold a banquet(maybe another book) and reach out to girls in the community so they wouldn’t feel alone. Especially since there are creeps in the town that like to take advantage. The ending still had me in tears a d as I read the other series I hope to see Molly find her strength! — Also in Levi story when he was at the lake with Ellie he sees Bryden and Molly together arguing??? Where was that?
  • Intense!

    By Mimi EvaC
    The feelings between the two characters this book focuses on are intense! Trying to escape her former reputation, Molly is willing to give up the love that she feels for Brayden for what she thinks is the right thing to do. Trying to do the right thing but still holding back his true feelings from her, Brayden chances losing his forever. Man! I could hardly stop reading this book. I literally stayed up all night to finish it. I couldn’t sleep until I knew how it would end.
  • Great story

    By Montanafilly73
    Loved the story of Brayden and Molly. It’s a good thing to see all the broken pieces of someone’s life get put back together and mended with a sweet love.
  • Wrapped in Love

    By MMnona
    Soo much better
  • Delightful

    By tinabrad22
    Very good story !!!!!
  • Wow!!

    By Victoria Murry
    Amazing!! I finished this book in one day. It’s that good. Lol. So hot and so romantic. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series
  • Wrapped In Love

    By Michele1790
    I loved this story!
  • Brayden Jackson is so much more than I expected!

    By Dondah
    The Boys of Jackson Harbor series has been the most enjoyable series. Because in each book it features one of those Jackson brothers and let me tell you, each and every one of them is book boyfriend material. How can one family have so many gorgeous boys, that are so sweet and loving, but an alpha in the bedroom. There is one sister, and I’m looking forward to reading about her love story too. This is the fourth book in the series, and honestly I didn’t know if I was going to like the female lead in it because of her past role in book 3. I loved Brayden, I mean really loved him. He’s really something very special. We haven’t had a peek at who Brayden really is before now, but he is absolutely wonderful! It was Molly that I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to open up to. And at the beginning I still wasn’t so sure. But Lexi Ryan knows how to open someone up and reveal what’s truly inside. That’s what she did with Molly. I came to really love Molly. She ended up being good for Brayden, as he was for her. They go through some challenges and heartbreak, but they get through it. I found the end so heartwarming and Molly and her son, Noah, truly belong with the Jackson family. I can’t wait till the next book, where Carter Jackson gets his happily ever after!! It’s an intense and angsty second chance romance. Don’t miss this wonderful romance. I highly recommend it.