By Emily Brontë

  • Release Date: 2018-02-21
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


The following is an adaptation of the original novel by Emily Brontà«, which tests the theory that digital devices would ruin the 'art of romance' in classic love stories. 
The reworking of the novel, created by a team of writers from the TV channel Drama led by Professor John Sutherland, illustrates how the characters may have acted had the events taken place in today's modern age - with the use of smartphones, social media and online communications. 
For example, Heathcliff's stubborn pride could drive him to leave unmannerly comments under Nelly's Twitter poll about 'Who should Catherine choose?', while the overall novel is reimagined as a series of blog entries posted by Mr Lockwood - which amass both welcome and unwanted attention in the 'Comments' section 
While the course of true love never did run smooth - this modern take on a literature classic may reveal that the journey is even more bumpy in a world of social media and distraction by digital devices. 
Read on to see how Emily Brontà«'s classic could be retold in 2018. 
This adaptation was commissioned to celebrate TV channel Drama's 
'Romantic Sundays' season - showing classic love stories such as 
Pride and Prejudice, Emma and North & South. 
'Romantic Sundays' season: every Sunday from 11 February, 12pm on Drama.