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Being Mortal

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  • Release Date: 2018-03-11
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Being Mortal  - A Complete Summary - Medicine and What Matters in the End
Being Mortal is a book written by Atul Gawande, and it is a book that closely follows concepts of death, aging and mortality. When trying to bring these topics to his readers as close as possible, Gawande uses many examples from real life. Some of them include examples of case studies of his fellow doctors, while some of them include his own research, which he did while observing his own patients and even family members. 
This book is also a good guide for people who want to know how to live and how to help their family members through their last days, months or years of life. In his book, Gawande also speaks about how elderly people take care of themselves and how do they live when taking care of themselves becomes impossible because of sickness and/or old age. Here, he tries to objectively comprehend everything that institutions like hospitals, nursing homes and hospices offer.
To show his readers that what he is talking about in his book is genuine, Gawande uses many personal stories. 
Being Mortal is interesting because, even though it talks about ‘heavy’ topics like mortality, aging and the unavoidable death, it does so by objectively talking about them from the view point of an expert. 
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