wephoto - Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand


By Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

  • Release Date: 2018-03-30
  • Genre: Photography


Presenting this first edition brings me tremendous pleasure and pride. A unique affair it indeed is as this collection encompasses the select few images from some of our WePhoto admin colleagues. WePhoto Group was a humble attempt, in February 2014 to be precise, to bring together the world’s best photo artists and since then we have come all this long simply because of our passion for this art. Over the time, thanks to the continuous help and support of many likeminded colleagues who have shared every moment of success while working together with equal enthusiasm, we have created other groups and thematic pages to better represent the various styles in photography. Today WePhoto group has the widest presence across Facebook representing almost every possible genre of photography. As of date there are twelve different groups and related pages, with picture boards on Pinterest and about seventy e-books published on issuu.com.
This annual collection called - The Series - comprises eBooks, each belonging to a specific photographic theme, and includes the fabulous work of several authors from Italy and abroad. The one in your hands is the first special edition Book dedicated to our fellow admins. Apart from the e-version these publications are available in the form of coffee table books too.