wephoto Emotions - Mario Bunčuga, Pankaj Anand & Germana De Chellis

wephoto Emotions

By Mario Bunčuga, Pankaj Anand & Germana De Chellis

  • Release Date: 2018-04-11
  • Genre: Photography


With each passing year WePhoto has grown into a strong community of zealous photographers, the fruits of imagination of which are on display at an annual exhibition that is a part of the week-long photo festival named - Dalmine Maggio Fotografia (Dalmine May Photography) - DMF18. 
This year’s WePhoto exhibition focuses on - Emotions. With a vast span of feelings that a living being possesses there is no dearth of emotions that can be captured and showcased. Images on display have frozen the expressions of the subjects; expressions that tell tales of happiness, love, sadness, pain, poverty, passion; tales that are unread and offer a glimpse into the mind and soul of people. As you would notice some photographs are able to invoke your emotions even without the presence of a single human being in the frame. And this aptly proves the power of this art that indiscernibly leaves a mark on our minds. Emotions is an exhibition of not just about our passion for photography but also of our love for people and how much each one of us holds inside. We are sure we will be able to showcase this through our gallery and through this meet our motive.
WePhoto is a group created on Facebook as conceptualized by ​​Mario Bunčuga in February 2014. It now has support of almost 19,000 photo enthusiasts who continuously enrich our groups, website and pages with their worthy images. These outfits are being administered by a group of passionate photographer admins who have dedicated themselves to development and growth of the parent group - WePhoto along with 12 thematic pages, pinboards, web portal along with the publishing house. WePhoto takes credit of the publication of more than 75 widely acclaimed eBooks and coffee table books already, containing the handpicked images of some of the best photographers.