wephoto Portrait 2018 vol 6 - Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

wephoto Portrait 2018 vol 6

By Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

  • Release Date: 2018-04-24
  • Genre: Photography


For us, the human beings, there could be nothing more ‘personal’ than a portrait. You look through a pair of eyes and find every single person hiding some emotions deep within. 
Making of a portrait involves intricate techniques, observant eyes, and a creative mind because a portrait is not supposed to be merely an image; it rather has to hold the essence of the individual personality. 
Whether it is a gorgeous girl with languid eyes, a rude old man with his skin marked by time, or a child with sad eyes, their portrait has to strike the conscience of a viewer. It has to make them lose their heart. 
Our job as a photographer is to seize the dream of that girl and make the viewer feel the sourness of the old man’s suffering.
Presented here within is a collection of some of the best works of our time. 

Mario Bunčuga
April 2018