Crazy for Your Love - Lexi Ryan

Crazy for Your Love

By Lexi Ryan

  • Release Date: 2019-04-09
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 838 Ratings


From New York Times bestseller Lexi Ryan comes a sexy friends-to-lovers romance. A family wedding with a fake boyfriend, meddling parents, and an obsessive ex . . . What could go wrong?
The only thing worse than being single at my sister’s wedding is finding out that my ex will be there too. Not just any ex—the guy everyone expected me to marry, the man I came to Jackson Harbor to escape.
Now I need a date, and fast. Enter Carter Jackson—the firefighter who’s dealing with an unwanted five minutes of fame ever since a shirtless photo of him saving a puppy went viral. He’s warding off propositions left and right, and he needs a fake relationship as much as I do.
Sweet and sexy, Carter is completely off-limits. See, I have a rule. A no-heartache rule. Not only is Carter my friend and a known heartbreaker, but his job as a firefighter puts him in danger daily, and that’s something I just can’t handle. 

The commitment between us might be pretend, but the passion all too real. As crazy as it makes me, I have to keep Carter at an arm’s length. Even that might not be enough to spare my heart.

Crazy for Your Love is the fifth book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series. All books in this series can be read as standalones!

The Wrong Kind of Love (Ethan’s story)
Straight Up Love (Jake’s story)
Dirty, Reckless Love (Levi’s story)
Wrapped in Love (Brayden’s story)
Crazy for Your Love (Carter’s story)
If It’s Only Love (Shay’s story)


  • Not impressed

    By becks_89
    Really disappointed author did have have Teagan flat out say you don’t share when you love someone. Instead it wasn’t ditrty because what we did . I don’t have a problem with partners watching or sharing yuck .. won’t read her again
  • Crazy for your love

    By Michele1790
    Loved this book from start to finish!
  • Another great read from Lexi!!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Another great read from Lexi Ryan and installment in the Jackson Brother’s series! Teagan and Carter are good friends that have an attraction to each other but have reservations on pursuing those feelings further. However, it doesn’t stop either of them from pulling what I call the best friend card in order to get out of sticky situations regarding the opposite sex. When they use it one too many times and in a very public setting, the little white lie spirals into something bigger and provides the opportunity to explore the true feelings the two have for each other. While the two both have troubles that hold them back separately, it requires them to work together in order to break through them, and it takes them some time to do that. In the end, the two address their separate troubles and address their feelings, and of course it’s a HEA because it’s the Jackson boys. While I enjoyed this book, I really just cannot wait until Shay’s story since all the boys are paired up and she’s the only girl in the bunch!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • I love Carter & Teagan!

    By Dondah
    I’ve love every book in this series. And I love that each book is a standalone, but in the same family and same town. I’ve read each one from the beginning, hooked from the first book. Crazy For Your Love is book 5 in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series. Each book is a Contemporary Romance featuring one couple. This one featured Carter Jackson the fireman “Hero” with a troubled past that he keeps bottled up, and Teagan Chopra a close friend to the family and best friend to Carter’s sister. Teagan’s sister is getting married and the wedding will be in Jackson Harbor. Teagan is shook up because her family has invited her ex-boyfriend who they would like to see her together with, but Teagan gets very nervous around him for some reason. So Teagan convinces her friend Carter to pose as her boyfriend for the wedding, which is a long weekend occasion with everyone staying in a hotel. You can imagine how that goes. Carter becomes very protective, if not possessive, of Teagan around the ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t trust him. Teagan has feelings for Carter, but feels he will never return them. Carter starts to have feelings, but fights them, because of his complex issues. All I can say is, I LOVE CARTER!!!!! I love Teagan too!!! They’re both great characters, but Carter is REALLY SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!!! This was such an awesome romance!!! The cover on this book is really awesome! But I’ve loved the cover on all the books of this series!! Such a beautiful collection!!! And such a great series of books!!! ❤️
  • Crazy for your love!

    By JLKeniston
    I’ve been anxiously waiting for Carter and Tegan! I had no idea where this one was going to go. So many secrets they both were hiding. Sometimes true love can overcome anything. Poor Tegan had so many outside issues going against her. So scared for any one to find out. Carter was suffering with blame over his friends death. Such a good book! As always Lexi can draw me. In and leave me wanting more Jackson Harbor stories!! Can’t wait for more soon hopefully!
  • Crazy good!

    By Kelly_BTC Blog
    Crazy for Your Love is yet another literary hit from the uber-talented Lexi Ryan! I cannot get enough of The Boys of Jackson Harbor series; and even though this book is part of the series, it can be read as a standalone. Although I highly recommend reading them in order because each book is fantastic! Carter and Teagan…*sigh*…their connection is so simple yet so complicated at the same time. Both are attracted to the other. Simple, right? You would think so. Two people who are drawn together, with promises of desire and passion, could only mean positive outcomes. But where you’d think it should be simple is anything but. It’s both Carter and Teagan’s personal demons and internal battles that makes their connection from friendship to romance beyond conflicting. Both are quietly suffering from past tragedies, and both are reticent on sharing how shameful and broken down they truly are. As much as I loved the comedic elements in story (and believe me, I’m a huge romcom fan), it’s the dramatic and contentious dynamics between the characters that really showcases the originality of the story line verses the stereotypical friends-to-lovers romance. The relationship between Carter and Teagan takes its own journey–from witty, flirtatious attraction to deep and profound love and acceptance. Their pasts may present a strong influence on their lives, but it doesn’t define who they are in their core. As flawed and imperfect as both characters are, Carter and Teagan couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Nothing worth loving comes easy, and these two characters more than prove that. Alluring, breathtaking, and tumultuous, Crazy for Your Love was just crazy good! 4.5 Stars!