The Signal. Part 1, John. - Joe King

The Signal. Part 1, John.

By Joe King

  • Release Date: 2018-05-14
  • Genre: Science Fiction


When Tom Hansen invents the quantum chip, he his surprised to discover that three years later that the military had taken his technology and built the world's first quantum computer called Ava, (Advanced Virtual Algorithm). The only thing missing enabling Ava to reach her full potential, is the programming codes Tom has hidden away in his mind, and now they need him, alive, to finish the project. Kidnapped and trapped deep below ground, he soon realises that his life and his families, is in danger and must now find a way to finish what he started.

Inspector George Billings is woken early from yet another drinking binge, and with another hangover, is informed of the multiple killings the night before. As the pieces start coming together, and camera footage that reveals something so fantastic, he never thought possible. The real reasons why these seemingly innocent people have been murdered starts coming to light. With the military trying to cover everything up, he is on a mission to try to find the truth, before it all lost, buried deep beneath a secret military underground facility where Ava is learning, and ultimately planning what to do with the troubled people of Earth! Will she succeed? Or will we remain oblivious to what is really coming our way!

With an alien signal to decode, time is running out, to find a way to save planet Earth and now Ava is born, the human species future hangs in the balance of the world's first Quantum computer.