Government’s Achilles Heel or How to Win Any Court Case (we the people & common sense). Constitutional Legalities - Dimitry Krasil

Government’s Achilles Heel or How to Win Any Court Case (we the people & common sense). Constitutional Legalities

By Dimitry Krasil

  • Release Date: 2018-05-22
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


The governments have implemented taxation on everything realistically possible and raised these taxes to the maximum tolerable level. The Federal Government has utilized its option of creating money out of thin air to such a point that inflation has caused the current dollar to have less purchasing power than one cent used to be able to purchase.

Since the state governments do not have that option, they have devised the fraudulent “True Legal Name scam” (birth certificate to driver license fraud) to bring all those who have been too busy to pay attention under the political and/or civil contract jurisdiction of these state governments.

There is no doubt or question that what these governments have been and are currently doing is totally fraudulent, but the governments have been perpetrating these acts for so long that their scam has been incorporated into the fabric of our society. We can hardly function without claiming a birth certificate in order to be issued a driver license for identification purposes, as well as Social Security Numbers in order to be employed and/or open bank accounts (not to overlook, paying income taxes).

If any significant percentage of our population were to understand what I have written here and utilize the Notice and Demand that is provided here, the financial impact on the government would be completely devastating.

Because of the unquestionable self-evident facts that I have presented here, the possibility of any charging or accusing entity responding to present any manner of proof of its jurisdiction, better stated as its authority, over any Wrongly accused person is highly unlikely. In fact, anything that the prosecution or opposition might present would only be on record because of the government's fraud in inducing everyone into some manner of subservience. However, because that would bring them into conflict with the thirteenth amendment, they would have no other option but to drop the case.

However, as I mentioned earlier, to be successful, you must fully understand where you currently are with regards to your relationship with those who currently occuy the seat of authority and how and why you are in your condition of subservience.