WePhoto eBooks: Dreams Vol 3 - June 2018 - Mario Bunčuga

WePhoto eBooks: Dreams Vol 3 - June 2018

By Mario Bunčuga

  • Release Date: 2018-06-22
  • Genre: Photography


Life without Dreams would be totally bland. Perhaps this is the reason why we, right from our childhood days, try to live the life beyond what is given, virtually traversing to and fro in a land of fantasy, surrealism and imagination. Life is not too rewarding either to a normal human being. So, at times we treat the dreams as our mood-board and use it to ideate, pin-up and begin the life’s errands keeping them in focus. We dream and then push ourselves to realize them, trying not to miss these ephemeral moments that could otherwise disappear in the blink of an eye.
In the ingenious world of photography we may create our own dreams and give them the desired shape and form by bringing the technique and imagination of a creative mind together, and of course, adding the magic of a software. This concept is more popularly known as fine art photography and the key to producing master art lies in the artist’s ability to visualize beyond the ordinary. In fine art the subject matter may not be as central as the artist’s vision and that most often may not have any match to what lies before your eyes. The end result is normally very unrealistic, but is good enough to take you to a different world - a dream world.
Present collection is a slice of the same dream world. Hope you will enjoy it. 

Mario Bunčuga
Founder of WePhoto Network 
June 2018