WePhoto eBooks: Landscapes vol 9 - June 2018 - Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

WePhoto eBooks: Landscapes vol 9 - June 2018

By Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

  • Release Date: 2018-06-22
  • Genre: Photography


One may be curious why a 100 people sitting at the edge with cameras in their hands would love clicking the same sunset that occurs almost every next day. Will all their images not look the same once finished? Well, one possible reason could be that nature is as dynamic as it is static. So every day brings new opportunities within the same canvas. There is abundant beauty in nature and you will always feel like belonging to it no matter how long you continue looking at it. But the reason that comes to my mind and I strongly agree with is that it brings about a strong emotion in you. You can pick a part of the spectacle, recreate it your way and you become the owner of your own little universe. You could do the same with a painting with even more freedom and control but in photos you are appreciating the real world that you live in. The pleasure of actually having been there to witness it is as real as the scene before you. The air, the fragrance, the color and the touch is more than the worth of effort that goes into reaching there and taking your photo. Money can buy you acres of land but here the whole planet is yours. You add or avoid elements, shift angles and choose your points of view to make your compositions unique, something more than a record shot, something no words can describe.
Such is the collection we present before you that will make you feel as if you actually were there and you will love watching it as much as we did making it. 
Mario Bunčuga 
June 2018