Out of the Dark - Gregg Hurwitz

Out of the Dark

By Gregg Hurwitz

  • Release Date: 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 983 Ratings



"This novel will be remembered as one of the best thrillers of the year." —Associated Press

"A shocking stunner in every way. The perfect thriller." —Robert Crais

When darkness closes in—he's your last, best hope. Evan Smoak returns in Gregg Hurwitz’s #1 international bestselling Orphan X series in Out of the Dark.

Taken from a group home at age twelve, Evan Smoak was raised and trained as part of the Orphan Program, an off-the-books operation designed to create deniable intelligence assets—i.e. assassins. Evan was Orphan X. He broke with the Program, using everything he learned to disappear and reinvent himself as the Nowhere Man, a man who helps the truly desperate when no one else can. But now Evan's past is catching up to him.

Someone at the very highest level of government has been trying to eliminate every trace of the Orphan Program by killing all the remaining Orphans and their trainers. After Evan's mentor and the only father he ever knew was killed, he decided to strike back. His target is the man who started the Program and who is now the most heavily guarded person in the world: the President of the United States.

But President Bennett knows that Orphan X is after him and, using weapons of his own, he's decided to counter-attack. Bennett activates the one man who has the skills and experience to track down and take out Orphan X—the first recruit of the Program, Orphan A.

With Evan devoting all his skills, resources, and intelligence to find a way through the layers of security that surround the President, suddenly he also has to protect himself against the deadliest of opponents. It's Orphan vs. Orphan with the future of the country—even the world—on the line.


  • Loved it

    By Ph77
    Sooo goood
  • Disappointing

    By Famdoctor55
    Not up to the quality of this series. Weak ending after initial intrigue
  • Out of the Dark

    By peishih0921
    Very entertaining book but resolution seemed haphazard after good build-up. Overall I am an avid reader of the Orphan X series with Hellbent being the best and The Nowhere Man the worst in the strong series but would put this chapter somewhere in the middle. Good use and development of continuing characters but needed a more impactful ending.
  • Riveting

    By jeftrue
    His best X novel.
  • Out of the dark

    By Bavarian Hillbilly
    Another great nowhere man book. There are about 25 action adventure authors I read; Gregg Hurwitz is one of the five I can't wait to start reading. Not just a great action book but a well put together read.
  • Thriller of the First Order!

    By Kelsie M.
    Out of the Dark by Gregg Hurwitz is the fourth book in his Orphan X series. This latest offering is a thriller of the first order. Orphan X continues his exciting personal missions. Evan is subject number twenty-four in the Department of Defense covert Orphan Program and has been given the codename Orphan X. Evan left the Orphan Program because he could no longer see himself as a mindless killer sent on missions not of his choosing. As the Nowhere Man, Evan now uses his training and resources to help desperate people with nowhere else to turn. Hurwitz has created a captivating cast. Each character has a complete backstory. These characters are complex but not confusing. The plot is also fully engaging. There are enough twists to keep the reader interested without being predictable. The ending is satisfying but leaves enough mystery to allow for an addition to the series. Out of the Dark is a complete success and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to lovers of political intrigue. There is some violence but not enough to deter the average reader, though the very squeamish may be offended.