RENAULT F1 - THE TURBO YEARS 1/2 - Alexandru Dobai


By Alexandru Dobai

  • Release Date: 2018-07-09
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


The use of a turbo engine was authorized by the Formula 1 technical regulation, but no one dared to take the step. No one but Renault. It happened in 1977 - on the National Day of France - when the “Yellow Teapot” turned the first page of THE TURBO YEARS. A story born out of a sponsor’s passion to bet on technology, during a time when skirts were in vogue, when they used lead balls in the tanks and ice-cooling (even if the fish stink was hard to stand). These were times when drivers went on strike, fought for victory in sensational duels and, sometimes, they won without even knowing it, or without having been leaders for even a second. And if this was not enough to draw your attention, the book unfolds one more secret. How could you “shrink” 235 l of fuel in a 220 l tank? You’ll find the answer in the pages of the two sections of THE TURBO YEARS.