The Child Killer. - Joe King

The Child Killer.

By Joe King

  • Release Date: 2018-07-05
  • Genre: Horror


THE CHILD KILLER, is a horror that shows you what can happen if you mess with the dark side, as school teacher Lenny Thompson finds out as he stumbles on an old cursed relic, he unwittingly brings back to life. This classic horror story also has Joe King's usual twisted sense of humour/humor.

The Child Killer is set in the mid-eighties, when up and coming Police officer George Billings gets his first promotion, and a murderous crime spree that will leave him with nightmares for the rest of his life. It is his first case, and now the pressure is on to find a killer before he strikes again. With each night that passes, a new murder so gruesome is being committed, and with no clues to lead him to the killer. His instincts, and a lucky hunch, is all he has got to find whoever is butchering the innocent and unfortunate ones in this maniac's way! There is only one thing he can be sure of. Bad things do happen to good people.