Shattered Reality The Mandela Effect - Rob Shelsky

Shattered Reality The Mandela Effect

By Rob Shelsky

  • Release Date: 2018-08-20
  • Genre: Physics


Is our reality fixed? Are we "safe" in this universe? Can we rely on what seems "real" and solid? Is the Mandela Effect an actual phenomenon or just the result of false memories? In Rob Shelsky's new book, Shattered Reality The Mandela Effect, he discusses all this and much more. He even tries to provide answers and some of these just might surprise you. Author Rob Shelsky discusses in-depth the possible nature of the Mandela Effect, if it is even real, or just false memories. He provides evidence, tangible evidence included, for the idea the Mandela Effect is a real "happening." If it is, then what are the consequences? The author discusses these, as well. Moreover, Rob offers a number of possible causes for the Mandela Effect, some of which are chilling in nature.

Can we rely on our memories? Is the past changing? Is "someone" interfering with our timeline, and if so, who and why? Rob Shelsky delves into all these issues and many more in his latest book, Shattered Reality The Mandela Effect. A word of warning; if you prefer to believe in a safe, unchanging reality, then this book might not be for you!