BX-13: The Blood Game. Part 2. - Joe King

BX-13: The Blood Game. Part 2.

By Joe King

  • Release Date: 2018-08-17
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy


BX-13: The Blood Game. Part 2.

Just when Frank and Sharon think their lives are now complete with the arrival of their new-born child, Shannon. All hell breaks loose when Shannon is taken. They are now left with trying to find who, and why, their baby has been kidnapped.

As they investigate further into their daughter's disappearance, they soon realise that those responsible will stop at nothing to keep what Shannon has locked inside her blood.

With the help of Billy, a computer whiz kid, and Liev Malik once again finding himself caught up in something big, time is running out to find Shannon before she it let loose into a world full of people she will not stop killing. Not until all those responsible for taking something so precious from her are dead! With her abilities growing, the surprises keep coming, but no one had envisaged there could more than just Shannon to wreak chaos on anyone foolish enough to get too close! Will she finally be free, or will she realise that her life was never going to be her own once her true potential is realised?

Part 3 out now.