Brain Dump - Geoff Tibballs

Brain Dump

By Geoff Tibballs

  • Release Date: 2019-08-15
  • Genre: Humor


Also works well as emergency loo roll.

While you're not going anywhere, why not expand your mind with Brain Dump?

Learn thousands of fascinating facts, stats and trivia. Guaranteed to boost your brain, this bumper compendium covers every subject from football to phobias, mountains to the Muppets and spiders to Shakespeare.

It features hundreds of mind-blowing entries from Types of Cloud to the Longest Song Titles. And it's not just for the bathroom but the bedroom too! Struggling to sleep? Turn to the Fascinating Facts About Sheep and other gems to tire and train your brain. Zzzzzzzzzz…..

Printed on soft absorbent paper for emergencies.