More Poems of Life - William Doyle

More Poems of Life

By William Doyle

  • Release Date: 2018-11-16
  • Genre: Poetry


These verses are offered for the young at heart. They are written to guide and comfort, to encourage and to cheer, to instruct and amuse, using the imagination in a positive manner. The overall text encourages the reader to sense a bond between the self, nature, and the creator. Such melodies reveal the true joy and beauty of the unspoken songs that lay hidden deep within the recesses of consciousness, which we so often feel but have difficulty in expressing. We do not exist separately from our environment or the world; we are linked together as we are with the words we write or utter, made manifest by the arrangement of the mind. It’s on this premise, supported by an earnest desire to raise young lives to glorious heights of attainment, that I offer this work.