Simulated Universe - Ash D. Solomon

Simulated Universe

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2018-11-30
  • Genre: Philosophy
Score: 4
From 5 Ratings


Do We Exist In A Dream, Could We Or Should We One Day Break Out? – Illusion Universe!

New World Order Of The New Illuminati And The Earth Conspiracy! – Or Our First Go To Instinct?

Who Are The New Conscious Observers?

Conspiracy Theory! – Will The World Be A Better Place Without The Use Of The Term Or Is 'Conspiracy' Here To Stay?

Code X! – The Code Of All Codes (In A Gift Universe?)

The Gears Of Our Universe (In A Bubble) – An Eternity Of Big Bangs?

Destination: Simulation Unveil – And The Real Food Chain!

Inside The Real Universe There Are Simulations, Inside These Simulations… More Simulations?

"I Think – Therefore I Am?" If Not By 'Form' But By Image!

Dream Architectures And The Reality I Dream!

Virtual Worlds, Simulated Film Worlds – And The Episodic Memories We All Live!

Unquestionable Realities! – Transparent Existence?

This Is Me! – Projected/Simulated Or Not!

The 11:11 Phenomena! – Or Is It Human Nature?

Duplicates Of Us? – True Observations!

String Theory's Twist! – Inevitable New Dimensional Reality?

The Multiverse! – And The Principle Of Identity, The Mixed Laws Of Physics And The Survival Model?

Being Unpredictable To The Programmers Is The 'Real' Two Dimensional Starting Point!

Numbers And The Universe I Remember!

The Number 28 – And How It Mystically Impacts Us All!


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