Event Shocking - Ash D. Solomon

Event Shocking

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2018-12-04
  • Genre: History


Lady Justice Is Blind and Impartial – So Too Should History!

The Secret Women of The American Civil War!

The Russian All-Female 'Battalion Of Death'! – And What Historical Impact Did They Have?

The Women of Hitler! – Atrocities To One Side. New Laws, New Policies. Right Wing Win?

Give The Führer A Child For The Good Of The Nation!

Once Coined "Marvellous Melbourne" – and a Look Back at the Yarra in Time!

Will There Ever Be A Cure For The Common War?

The Great Depression! – Roosevelt's 'New Deal', And 'The Dust Bowl'?

Natural Philosophy! (Or Modern Science) – We Raise The Dead?

The American Dream, The Crucible – And Marlon Brando?

Ghost Sightings of a Stage Drama Darkly!

Treaty of Versailles (A Big Cause of WWII)?

Librarian Women of the Great Depression Take to Horseback to Deliver Books!

Changelings, Fear Of Fairies And The Earthling Avatar!

Nancy Wake – 'The White Mouse' of World War II