Move to Sri Lanka: A Mini Guide for Foreigners and Expat Sri Lankans - Eva Stone

Move to Sri Lanka: A Mini Guide for Foreigners and Expat Sri Lankans

By Eva Stone

  • Release Date: 2019-01-15
  • Genre: Asia


Essential reading for anyone who is considering a short stint, longer stay, or permanent move to Sri Lanka

This Mini Guide was born out of the Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk blog, where the experience of living as a foreigner in Sri Lanka was shared and information freely given to help others explore, travel or move to the island. At the heart of the blog and this Mini Guide, is a strong aspiration to help make the process of moving to Sri Lanka easier and less overwhelming, and to give back to the teardrop island and its people.

Whether you are considering Sri Lanka for a work opportunity; lifestyle change; retirement; business or investment opportunity; spiritual journey; or simply curious about returning after many years living and working abroad, this Mini Guide provides a good starting point designed to address some of the very common questions. Things like immigration and visas, shipping personal effects, vaccinations, finding employment, starting a business, where to stay, cost of living, money and personal banking, health services and insurance, pet relocation, retiring to the island, expat communities, and more are covered.

Whether it is for a short stint, longer stay, or a permanent move, there is useful information, links to websites and resources, helpful suggestions and tips to guide you through the process. This Mini Guide is based on the author's own experience of moving to the island back in 2008 as well as knowledge gained, and many lessons learned over the past decade or so.