Simulverse - Ash D. Solomon


By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-01-22
  • Genre: Spirituality



Holoverse Simulverse Awakened!

– Define Existence –

Inside The String, Dimension, Simulation, Modelling The Theory, The Astral Sphere, Multiverse, Holoverse, Simulverse, Simulation In Film!

– Insight Of The Now –

Lucid Being

Rational Thought From One Intelligent Species To Another!

Rationally thinking, our perceived human thought and wonder is of 'Our Simulated Existence' and NOT of the 'Original Intelligent Species' at all – but we ARE related, if not by 'Form' but by 'Image'.

Splitting Hairs With The Real Illuminati?

'Illuminati', which comes from the word 'Enlightened', whether fictitious or real enlightenment – founded in 1776. A Secret Society of And for Pure Enlightenment. Designed as a somewhat Balance of Power. A secret governing force of all governors of power to eliminate the possible misuse of authority against the people. To an extent, stamping out religious state influence, superstition and obscurantism that only acts as to stall further human enquiry and reasoning.

Numbers That Echo Of A Shared Universe!

When do numbers start to exist? Just like our human consciousness really exists because of human consciousness – a paradox.

Numbers or code or algorithms exist once we are aware of them? The old 'head in the sand' saying for if on the other end of the universe we discover a calling card answer to life echoing back to earth, surely there is life in the universe that is depending on others for scientific enlightenment.

Lucid Being

"Somehow you seem to know exactly what I'm thinking on. Your writings are always directly correlated to my daily experiences. Interesting to say the least" NealHanson

"This is so magical" RiseMyVibe

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