Love, Lies, and Pass the Wine - Katie Bryan

Love, Lies, and Pass the Wine

By Katie Bryan

  • Release Date: 2020-07-25
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy


Recipe: Mix one huge Italian family with a bossy German shepherd who wants to run their business and you'll get a recipe for chaos, love, and heartwarming laughter.

What will Sophie Zinelli's family do when they find out she's bringing home a dog and giving him a job in their family's restaurant? Max's vet insists Max needs a job. But what kind of a job can a huge, wily, neurotic dog like Max get in a fine dining establishment? Why, becoming a maitre'd of course. Maybe. If Max will quit eating the profits, stealing grandma's dentures, and can charm a skeptical food critic. 
Sophie must figure out who is sabotaging Max at every turn before her very large, very loud, very Italian family banishes them both for good. 

Love dogs? Join Sophie as Max gets trained! He's the most loveable, conning, canine reprobate to walk on four legs.

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PREVIOUSLY TITLED AS: OFF THE LEASH (Meatballs, Mayhem, and Max)


I loved this story! It is so funny! The dog is smart and a smart alec. The Italian family is priceless! The confusion and chaos portrayed in 'family meetings' is so spot on! I will be reading all of these stories!

Off The Leash: Meatballs, Mayhem, and Max takes a hilarious turn when Sophie introduces Max to her family and tries to give him a job. Jack, her boyfriend, brings his dog and a kitten into the fray, and Sophie's Italian family goes crazy. Full of fun antics by the people and the pets. This story made me both laugh and cry. The characters are witty and love each other only the way a family can. I was touched by the ending. I can't wait to read the next book.

This is the 2nd book in the series starring, Sophie, Max, Jack, and Sophie's crazy but lovable Italian family. The book is written in 1st person from Sophie's point of view. And what a view it is! Max, her recently rescued German Shepherd, has been hired to work in the family restaurant. What comes this employment decision is nothing short of hilarious and charming. Max is smart enough to handle his duties however, he is still a dog and big dogs come with big appetites. Aside from his antics surrounding his quest for locating and devouring all the food within his reach, Max loves Tillie, a nearly blind 3 month old kitten. I won't ruin the joy of discovering how their friendship grows so please read this book. In addition to the Max/Tillie relationship, we find out more about Jack, Sophie's hunky boyfriend. Lots of heat between those two.

The story of Max, a very large German Shepherd rescued from an abusive situation just keep getting better. Combine Max with a large Italian family and Irish friends and the laughs keep coming. 

Max is hilarious and he gets in so much trouble. There's a little romance and a lot of family fun! 


Love, Laugh, Bark Books In Order:

Book One: Love, Lies, and What Just Happened?

Book Two: Love, Lies, and Larceny Squared

Book Three: Love, Lies, and Pass the Wine

Book Four: Love, Lies, and I Can't Even

Book Five: Love, Lies, and the Struggle is Real

More to come!