Confessions Of A Social Empath - Ash D. Solomon

Confessions Of A Social Empath

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-04-01
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Confessions Of A Social Empath

Ash D. Solomon

Energy, Empathy, Telepathy, Deja Vu, Lucid/Prophetic Dream, Astral Sphere, Crystal, Reiki, Light & Sound, Dream Tunnels Insight And More…

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By Ash D. Solomon

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Start Over – Observe The Prestige and Vanquish Nothing!

How often have we had such thoughts as 'I Wish I Could START OVER!', Vanquish the Mistakes, Improve on Presence and even just possibly 'think' things through greater? Us of the earth (Zen) over time begin to break the negative links and observe as we ARE – if only without corruption of direction we become our own Influencers of The Prestige Observance…

Our Spirit Animal In A New Light – We Transform, They Transform!

The landscapes of our relationships, our recognition of life, the guidance we seek – often times we can thank our Spirit Animal! Our understanding of our ever-present Spirit Animal connection through inspiration and strength is the real empowering link that goes with the spirit territory…

'I Know That I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing!'

Socrates, Daemons, Angels, Spirit Guides, And The Psychic Voice.

It is no secret that history has buried many a psychic experience. The animosity and bias toward psychic happenings going way back is and has been widely accepted by society and human nature, therefore it has been easier to rewrite history than deal with events plagued with mystery and ambiguity. Christianity and Paganism through history are prime examples of this dabbling with truth by mainly hierarchical male figures. Church-run states with accepted concerns of losing control took it upon themselves to feed the public what was in their very best 'religious' interests…

Ash D. Solomon

"you seem to know exactly what I'm thinking on. Your writings are always directly correlated to my daily experiences. Interesting to say the least" NealHanson

"This is so magical" RiseMyVibe

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