Oreo Girls - Catherine Jones

Oreo Girls

By Catherine Jones

  • Release Date: 2019-04-11
  • Genre: African American


In 1963, Claire Elizabeth Jones, a precocious seven year old, is growing up in small, racially-divided Milburn, Arkansas. Her mom died a year earlier and her dad, the town's only detective, has his hands full investigating a case that has most of its citizens divided by color. His defense of a black teenager accused of murdering a white toddler has stirred up more trouble than he or his daughter can handle.

The girl is often left in the capable hands of Miss Dorothy, the family's seventy-seven year old maid. The two frequently swap stories while sitting in the back yard drinking milk from Mason jars and devouring Oreos.

Aside from cookies and conversations, they share something elseā€”the gift of clairvoyance. After a cross is burned on the family's front lawn, Dorothy's visions and Claire's dreams begin to escalate revealing great danger around them. Multiple murders. And they couldn't rule themselves out as the victims.