Death is in the Details - Heather Sunseri

Death is in the Details

By Heather Sunseri

  • Release Date: 2019-05-20
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,210 Ratings


A woman haunted by her past. A killer who won't let her forget. 

Faith Day's condition curses her to recall her mother’s fiery murder like it was yesterday. And when the forensic photographer’s convicted stepbrother is somehow cleared 12 years later and released from prison, Faith wonders if he'll put an end to her tortured memories. But after a string of eerily familiar fires tear through her small town, Faith starts to question every detail of her traumatic past.

Luke Justice won't rest until he catches a notorious serial killer masking his murders in arson. Following a trail of deadly blazes to Faith's doorstep, the FBI agent senses she holds the key to the case. But if he can't convince her to open up, Luke fears he'll miss his best chance to put a psychopath behind bars. 

As Faith fights the resurgence of dark emotions, an arsonist begins leaving personal totems in her home. Determined to stay alive, she taps into the only weapon she has against the vicious murderer: the echoes of her childhood nightmare. 

Can Faith help Luke unmask the true killer before they both go up in flames?

Death is in the Details is a chilling standalone thriller novel. If you like small-town mysteries, psychological thrillers, and spine-tingling twists, then you'll love Heather Sunseri's latest page-turning tale. 

Buy Death is in the Details to watch a victim bring a killer to justice today! 


  • Good read

    By bbalcer
    I had the killer figured out early on but still enjoyed read as Ms Day figured it all out.
  • Loved this book!!

    By Azdebbie71
    This was the first book I read by this author and I couldn’t put it down! Very well defined and memorable characters with a mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end. There were so many twists and teasers that kept me turning the page as I raced to the end. I can’t wait to read the next one...starting it right now!!
  • Death is in the details

    By whitedog7
    Very fast moving and solved a 12 year old murder. Twists and turns disguise the true murderer til the end and it is a real page turner. I read it straight thru at 4am. Couldn’t wait til the next day to see the who did it.
  • Never ceases to amaze us

    I feel that this book is not only of mystery, but of passed. Wrongs, too late to be righted. Rights, in need of wronging. And so much more, of course, it’s still mostly based on the main case, murder, suspects, the truth is not what it seems kind of stuff. But it never hurts to dig deeper. After all, there will always be a lie in believe, and over in friend, and an if in life. Also a fun in funeral.
  • 10/10!

    By Diana Dee H
    This is the first book i read from this author, and i am obsessed, i finished it in two days! She does such an amazing job of grabbing your attention and keeping it. The story had so many twist and turns but it was still very easy to keep track of each character. I would highly recommended!
  • Death is in the Details

    By mjwilliams8
    I loved this book! Such a good story and many twists!
  • Death in The Details

    By SpunkieMe
    This book was entertaining and very well written. Grammar was great. Enjoyed this book; however, was disappointed that the book ended with needing to read next in series in order to have a satisfying read. I assumed each book was a book in it entirely.
  • Death is in the Details

    By Pins4
    Great book. keep me guessing till it was revealed in the ending. Little bit of romance too. Thanks!
  • Very good book

    By slapstickgum
    I want to read another by this author ASAP. Very, very good.
  • Death is in the Details

    By Ralphnun1
    I thought it was very good and it did surprise me in the ending.