Stolen - Addison Cain


By Addison Cain

  • Release Date: 2019-07-10
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 77 Ratings


"Startling in its brutality, the Alpha's Claim series is a sensual masterpiece which glorifies in its own unflinching depiction of the most base of human nature." - Zoe Blake, USA Today bestselling author

Shepherd has reclaimed his bride.

Fragile… she is so fragile.

Taking her hand, he pulls her from the storm. From her crumbling city. From her pain.

Amidst a world where his machinations may be subtle, Shepherd will bend every standing Dome to his will. For her. So he can always keep his cherished mate safe.

So they can love one another in peace.


No one will touch what's his.

Commodore Jacques Bernard stole her off the streets in broad daylight. He took the confused Omega with violence while none intervened. He broke her, swearing he'd put her back together.

Brenya Perin was ordered to submit.

The jewel of Europe, a bastion of art and culture, pleasure and decadence, Bernard Dome has never been challenged… until Shepherd's emissary, Jules arrives from foreign soil.

Peace has a price, a price the Commodore of Bernard Dome is willing to pay… so long as the rare Omega remains his.

Jules would disagree.

Publisher's Note: The fourth book in Addison Cain's exciting, raw, and suspense-filled Omegaverse series is a Dark Romance featuring complete power exchange.


  • Ok but not ok

    By 👌🏽👏🏽💪🏽👍🏽🙌🏾
    I read to get lost in a story. Your writing still and use of the male or not using pronouns had me reading lines more than once to move forward. Shepard was hard but not disgusting like Jacques. Won’t be purchasing or reading last book in series. U went far but not gross. With Jacques your writing went way past dark and into ridiculous. Again I read to get lost in the story but this series just wasted my money but more importantly my time.
  • A Twisted Disturbing Read

    By L. Swan
    A spin off series from the Alpha’s Claim Series with appearances of the main characters dealing with the aftermath and trauma of surviving Tholos. This book has just the same twisted disturbing themes with massive triggers for those who have suffered sexual assault, in this dystopia world it’s just as horrid as Tholos. The citizens of Bernard Dome are benumbed in such a cruel heartless manner to support he lives of those who live in luxury. The female citizens of Bernard Dome are treated horrendously, being reduced to nothing but entertainment for the Alpha males when convenient and easily disposed. Brenya has lived her life believing she is a beta and enjoying her existence in life finding it simple and fulfilling until she is savagely and brutally assaulted after an accident on her job. With Brenya’s world absolutely flipped and finding her new job taxing and difficult to adjust, with the hidden dark secrets of Bernard Dome destroying Brenya’s perception of life around her. Stubborn and willful Brenya attempts to adapt the best she can to her new life while plotting for her freedom. Jacques is a spoiled perverted Alpha who adores his kingdom of Bernard Dome and all the abundant resources thrown his way, taking what he desires without care. Jacques is a cruel dictator, purposely withholding information vital to his stolen Omega, and scheming his way to domination while dealing with the political invasion of Greth Dome. The supporting characters are tragic and atrocious, their appearances leaving lasting impressions, as their motives and reasoning are yet to be disclosed.
  • I get it but seriously

    By Seriously 🤦🏼‍♀️
    It seems that the author is just about creating short stories for the larger picture and yet keeps you reading more. Won’t be buying the 5th book because seriously how far off course can the books get 🤷🏼‍♀️