Conquest - CB Samet


By CB Samet

  • Release Date: 2019-06-25
  • Genre: Epic


Peace talks turn deadly and continents wage war. 

When Abigail suspects the king of Bellos is plotting to attack Crithos, she offers her services to accompany the Queen on a diplomatic mission. Yet with evil poisoning the minds of man, peace cannot be achieved. Abigail is deceived and held captive by Bellosian forces. She must rely on the apparition of her once enemy--Malakai--for help in a time of crisis. 

Malakai exists in a spiritual realm unseen by most and troubled by physical limitations. He returns to Abigail after a year and a half apart, determined to be of use to her in times of turmoil. Yet, as he becomes instrumental in Abigail's ability to succeed he finds himself on a path that alters who he was designed to be. The subtle transformation directs him toward a new destiny he'd never before hoped he could achieve.  

Can the Avant Champion form a partnership with Malakai to escape the clutches of a power-hungry king and rescue her country from the clutches of his destruction?