Deep Blue Sea - Pippa DaCosta

Deep Blue Sea

By Pippa DaCosta

  • Release Date: 2019-07-19
  • Genre: Fantasy


On the Night of Bleeding Hearts, when the moon is fat and the ocean calm, Blue and her siren sisters transform. 

With poisonous songs on their lips and bloodlust in their hearts, they emerge from the waters to comb the shores, hunting lost souls, thieves and pirates, men with violence in their veins. For each death gifts the sirens a new song to sing. 

As the most ruthless and cunning of her sisters, Blue is a legend among her kind. But on this night, when the sea delivers the sirens a stricken merchant vessel, Blue discovers a thief among the crew. A thief with a warm heart and a troubled past. 

And now Blue has a choice. Kill a good man or lose her voice. 


PLEASE NOTE: Events in this short story take place AFTER the novel The Heartstone Thief. Deep Blue Sea can be read as a stand-alone dark mermaid tale, but you'll get more from the story if you've read The Heartstone Thief first

Prevously published in the Love Potion Anthology