Lucid Connection - Ash D. Solomon

Lucid Connection

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-07-27
  • Genre: Philosophy


Boundaries Of Space And Time Do Not Exist

On the other hand it is not unusual for healing to take place when there is distance between the healer and the recipient, as this spiritual field of force knows no physical (space/time) boundaries. 

These physical boundaries quite often only act as a hinderance to those who see these boundaries as such. Healer and recipients must always try to work in conjunction with the parameters they already are comfortable believing and thenceforth, actualising miraculous results. 

The least amount of opposition the spiritual healing field is exposed to the better, hence the power of hand contact where barriers are broken down and positive belief systems are strengthened. The phenomenon of spiritual/mental power from healer to recipient has been scientifically observed with evidence.

The ailments of the physical is believed by many true spiritualists to be brought upon by the disturbing emotions of anger, detachment and a closed mind. These true spiritualists believe that if one can thoroughly liberate oneself from such poisonous emotions, one can truly be 'free of all diseases'. 

The importance of 'The Psychic Energy Bandwidth' hopefully becomes more accepted after the intriguing wisdom and knowledge freely given, and the reader has opened themselves up to these valid techniques that have been shared and gained upon for many years and many hundreds of wise writings also shared.

Remove The Barriers

Gone are the days when Psychic Energy can only be practiced by those in high up positions such as spiritual organisations, and primarily from the leaders of such spiritualist movements. Psychic healing has a very diverse and mixed interpretation from many far and wide...